My CRA Account and Important Dates to Note for 2021 Tax Season

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CRA My Account

What is it?

This is a registered online account managed by the Canada Revenue Agency

Why do I need it?

There are many benefits to opening an online account with the CRA.
• Easiest way to set up direct deposit
• Access to all your T-slips for current and previous tax years
• Filing Taxes
• You can see what refunds you will be getting or manage
• payments to the CRA
• Apply for benefits
• Use Autofill my return
• Authorize someone else to access your tax information

How do I open a CRA My Account?

1. Go to the CRA website, scroll down, and click CRA Register.

2. Provide personal information.
• Enter your SIN
• Enter your date of birth
• Enter your current postal code
• Enter an amount you entered on one of your income tax and benefit returns.
• For this it will be helpful to have a Notice of Assessment (NOA) on hand.
• Create a CRA username and password and answers.

3. Wait for the CRA security code to be mailed to you.

• After you complete step 1 of the registration process, you will have access to limited
tax information on My Account.
o Once you receive the CRA security code in the mail and enter it online you will
have access to the full suite of services available on My Account.

4. Enter the CRA security code.

• To access your account, return to My Account for Individuals,
• select “CRA login” and enter your CRA user ID and password.
• When prompted, enter your CRA security code.

Tax Checklist
All T4 slips
☐ Other information slips (T3, T5, T4E, T4A, T4AP, T4RSP, T4RIF)
☐ CPP benefits
☐ Employment income
☐ Employment insurance benefits
☐ Old Age Security benefits
☐ Pensions and annuities
☐ Social assistance payments
☐ Workers’ compensation benefits
☐ Adoption expenses
☐ Carrying charges and interest expenses
☐ Charitable donations
☐ Childcare expenses
☐ Children’s fitness programs
☐ Interest and dividend payments
☐ Medical expenses
☐ Moving costs
☐ Office-in-home expenses
☐ Political contributions
☐ Professional fees
☐ RRSP donations
☐ The sale or deemed sale of stocks, bonds or real estate
☐ Student loan interest payments
☐ Support for a child, spouse, or common-law partner
☐ Tool expenses (tradespersons)
☐ Transit passes for Seniors
☐ Travel expenses
☐ Tuition/Education amounts



Canada Child Benefit 
• December 13, 2021
• January 20, 2022
• February 18, 2022
• March 18, 2022
• April 20, 2022
• May 20, 2022
• June 20, 2022
• July 20, 2022
• August 19, 2022
• September 20, 2022
• October 20, 2022
• November 18, 2022
• December 13, 2022

Canada Workers Benefit payments:
• April 5
• July 5
• October 5
• January 5

Filing deadlines

May 2, 2022

GST/HST credit payments
• January 5
• April 5
• July 5
• October 5

RRSP contribution deadline

• February 28

In partnership with Dexteritas Inc, LCCMedia Foundation will be offering a Low Income Free Community Tax Clinic service.

This tax clinic is sponsored by the Edmonton Community Foundation and Africa Centre and it is for low-income members of the community.


What If I Need Some Help While Doing My Taxes?

Contact: LCCMedia Foundation Low-Income Free Tax Clinic

Call: 780-860-3229


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