Free Community Tax Clinics

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Free Community Tax Clinics for the residents of Edmonton and Calgary.
Aimed at providing essential tax filing assistance to individuals and families, these clinics ensure participants can fully leverage tax benefits and maximize their returns completely free of charge.


Tax Volunteers needed

With plans to run a free tax clinic in Edmonton and Calgary in 2024, The Financial Empowerment Initiative is actively looking for volunteers to support their Edmonton and Calgary locations.

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We can double our efforts; we can deliver more impactful and meaningful service. But we need your help. We cannot wait to hear from you.
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Getting ready to file your taxes at our Community Free Tax Clinics?

Filing your taxes every year is important to ensure you are receiving all the government benefits and subsidies you are eligible for. Even if you are not employed or do not have income, you still need to file your taxes. We can help with free tax filing.

Are you eligible?

In order to be eligible for the CVITP, individuals must have a modest income and a simple tax situation.
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Tax Clinic

The Free Tax Filing Initiative is a financial initiative created to help low-income individuals file their taxes for free. This allows them to get access to available social services. This effort intends to lessen the cost of tax preparation for low-income people and small businesses in particular.


The Free Tax Filing Initiative encourages financial inclusion by lowering financial barriers that can keep people and businesses from accurately and timely filing their taxes.


Since 2019, we have helped nearly two thousand people file their taxes.

Black Women Empowerment

The goal is to give Black women the tools they need to succeed in the workforce. The goal is to support Black Canadian company owners and entrepreneurs in expanding their enterprises and finding success in the long run. Through a weekly training event dubbed Webinar Wednesdays, we do this.


We also provide nuggets to motivate and pointers to new and existing funding sources. This included access to bankers and funders interested in financing individuals in the group.


We have covered topics such as the importance of vision and strategy, branding, thriving in the retail industry, ways to secure funding, etc.

Sustaining your not-for-profit

Training those who work in the not-for-profit sector is what we do here. We offer a program to enable industry executives and employees to succeed and manage their not-for-profit organizations.

Once a week, we use webinars to problem-solve with industry heavyweights. The future we see is one in which non-profit organizations within the black community thrive in a sustainable manner.

This program is implemented in collaboration with Dexteritas, an accounting firm operating out of Calgary

The Finance Empowerment Inititative

The Financial Empowerment Initiative is a non-profit organization that empowers individuals and communities through financial literacy education and impactful events. Our mission is to foster economic well-being and enable people to make informed, confident decisions about their money, ultimately leading to a brighter and more secure future.

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Our mission

To work collaboratively to remove shackles of ignorance from our communities.

To work collaboratively to remove shackles of ignorance from our communities.

We know people want to rise, but they don’t know how to. People want a better tomorrow, but the foundations they are laying down today may not support the future they are after.

We understand when you want to hide information from a group of people, you put that information in a book. At The Finance Empowerment Initiative, we do not subscribe to this line of thinking.

What they say about us

Testimonials from our greatest clients

There isn't another one like Ladies Corner - focused and gives a rare chance to community members to be heard. I like the topical issues they discuss

Eileen Omosa

Ladies Corner is a platform committed to supporting women in the community. Thanks for sharing inspiration and showcasing women who are doing great things in our communities

Wunmi Akinlosotu

Ladies Corner is an inspirational platform for every women. It brings out stories of pain, courage and grit. I have done some round tables and panels with Ladies Corner and always love working with the founder. As a community, we need to support women who support women.

Mary Thomas

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